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The laser labyrinth was installed in a special trailer with the area of 15 square meters (6 m long 2,5 m wide and 2,5 m high) On the walls are installed 18 lasers with sensors. The aim of the game is getting as fast as possible to the opposite side of the room and pushing the appropriate button (CONTROL POINT)and finally coming  back to the starting point (START/STOP). Only one player takes part in the game, the rivalry with other players is based on getting the best time score, which is shown on two big displays. Outside the trailer two LCDs with the size of 32 inches and 9 inches are installed and show the struggling of the player in the laser labyrinth. The labyrinth is a bit smoky and during the game the appropriate music is well-matched to the right kind of activity. All cases are also signalized by the appropriate sound. How do we play?

The game starts with inserting the coin into the coin acceptor. After that one should choose the level of difficulty and getting into the room the START button should be pushed. The player should get to the safety button as fast as possible (CONTROL POINT), push it, come back the same way and finally push the button of the end of the game (STOP). Any time the laser beam is interrupted, four penal seconds are added and losing it is signalized by flashes of the red beacon lamp. ATTENTION! The number of permitted knockings is limited and exceeding  it causes disqualification and the game is over. The winner is the player with the best time. Two displays show four best time scores.

Maximum  time of the game is 3 minutes. After that the player is disqualified and the game is switched off. Speed, nimbleness and precision are vital.

Starting the game you can choose one out of three difficulty levels:
  • Easy – 6 lasers
  • Medium – 12 lasers
  • Hard – 18 lasers

We are the only in Europe, who are the owners of the laser labyrinth in a mobile trailer. You order, we come, plug it in and the device works.

Three options of laser trap are offered:
  • 1)MOBILE LASER TRAP(mobile on wheels)
  • 2)CONTAINER LASER TRAP(stationary container)
  • 3)LASER TRAP(we adapt  lasers in your own rooms)

Mobiler Laser Labyrinth

Container Laser Labyrinth